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Media Copy Pro is intended to show you how to copy your personal media to other mediums in order to have back-up copies of the original source. It is also intended to allow you to view your personal media on various devices that you yourself own. Media Copy Pro is not intended to be used to copy media or any material that you don't own, this includes media which may be copyrighted or have copy protection enabled on it. USAGE Media Copy Pro can be used to help allow you to copy your media from DVD or You Tube or HD DVD or Blu-Ray to Apple TV, iPod, Computer, and/or cell phones. We intended the users of this program to copy only the media that they personally own and wish to share between their personal media devices. If you decide to use this program to copy media that you do not own or if you decide to share copyrighted media with other people whether you receive re-imbursement or not, you may suffer the copyright consequences. If you use Media Copy Pro in any manner which may be illegal or to help aid in copyright removal, then Media Copy Pro and our affiliates are not responsible for you or for any consequences you may receive for using this program in that manner.

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